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Sensefly eBee

On-demand, High-resolution, Fully autonomous

Choose the UAV for your application
SensesFly’s ultra-lightweight UAVs are made out of flexible foam and include a high resolution camera. Discover which drone best suits your application.

Conduct your mission
All our UAVs are fully autonomous and ready-to-fly straight out of the box, allowing for hassle-free mission planning and easy operation within minutes.

Create maps and 3D models
Rapidly create geo-referenced orthomosaics and 3D models directly from the collected images using our Postflight software.

Carry-on Luggage Size
The eBee has a modular design, allowing the wings to be disassembled and stored with the central body and all its accessories in a small case. In fact the case is so small and lightweight that you can even take it as cabin baggage*. The eBee will accompany you on all your projects.

*IATA guidelines

Very easy to use
The eBee is lightweight enough to be launched by hand. It is fully autonomous during its entire flight. When it comes to landing, the eBee can either land in a circular clearing or, when space is limited, use its advanced ground sensing technology to make a fully autonomous straight-line landing. The included eMotion 2 software lets you plan, simulate, monitor and control the trajectory of the eBee both before and during flight. With simple drag&drop actions you can designate the area to be mapped, generate a flight plan and with a single mouse click you can update your mission or return the eBee to its starting location.

3D Processing
With its 16MP high resolution camera, the eBee can capture images with a ground resolution of 3 to 30cm per pixel. Areas from 1.5 to 10km<sup>2</sup> can be mapped in a single flight depending on image resolution and flight altitude. The eBee package includes Postflight Terra 3D (a fully automated 3D processing desktop software powered by Pix4D). After the initial data check in the field (overlap control and low resolution orthomosaic), Terra 3D automatically creates a precise geo-referenced orthomosaic and digital elevation model (DEM). Advanced users can further optimize their models through operator defined ground control points and seamlines.

Take your own aerial photos and produce precise orthomosaics and 3D models

  • Surveying
  • Mining
  • Urban & Regional Planning
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Emergency and Disaster Management

Very light: Inherently harmless, easy take-off and landing
Optimized aerodynamic profile: Maximum flight stability and endurance
Detachable wings: Replaceable, very small packaging
Carry-on sized case (IATA guidelines): Easy to transport, all in one box
Hand-launched: No additional equipment needed
Intuitive planning, monitoring & control software: Very easy to operate, minimal training required
Artificial Intelligence: Takes off, flies and lands autonomously. No piloting skills needed
Automatic safety/emergency procedures: Including wing detection, complete initial sensor check and in-flight hold&return button
Electric powered: Low noise level, no pollution
Onboard data logging: Easy image post-processing, direct interface to Terra 3D
Rapid data check & full 3D processing: Automated processing of precise geo-referenced orthomosaics and 3D models. Quick data check in the field

Product Specification
96cm wingspan
630g take-off weight
16MP camera, electronically integrated
and controlled
Lithium polymer battery
45 minutes of flight time
36-57km/h (10-16m/s) cruise speed
Up to 45km/h (12m/s) wind resistance
Up to 3km radio link
Covers up to 1.5-10km
eMotion 2
Ground sensor and reverse engine
technology for linear landing
Postflight Terra 3D*
*powered by Pix4D